Halstead Grant Top 5 Finalist!

I'm so honored and excited to be part of the Halstead family this year as a top 5 finalist in a group of amazing makers! This grant has an emphasis on business acumen and applying for it was not easy! I'm so thankful it made me look outside of myself as an artist and to really focus on moving forward as a small business pursuing a career in the jewelry field. Still learning so much along the way but being a finalist has given me the confidence in knowing I'm on the right path.

More Info~


This past August I did a trunk show at Maker's Making, a wonderfully curated shop in Cape May, NJ. They gave me a corner as well as a tiny beautiful blue table to set up my jewels. I was so into the color of the blue table that I HAD to have one of my own! Below you can see the image of the tiny table and then the table I made and used this past weekend at the Clothesline Festival in Rochester. 

Big Thief

I love finding new music to listen to in the studio. I discovered Big Thief through NPR's Tiny Desk series and have been playing them on repeat ever since. There is nothing better than being in the zone at the bench with your favorite tunes blasting. Check them out!


Do you like something you see but wish the piece was in a different form or a little less big? We've got you covered!! StudioSophiaSophia loves working personally with customers to customize their dream piece of jewelry. In the image down below, you will see the original design of the "hot tamale" ring. A lady was very interested in the attraction she had to the colors in the ring but wanted a small set of simple earrings. Please voice ANY questions or concerns in regards to something specific you are looking for- there will be a way to create it! 


Throwback to this Pom Pom neckpiece I made at RISD. No matter what material, shape or form, I've always been obsessed with color. It is an inherent part of my life which naturally translates into my work!


scenes from capsule NYC! Pier 94

There's so much that goes into getting ready for a tradeshow that you wouldn't even think about! I made a whole new display for a fresher and cleaner look. I designed what I wanted and had a friend laser cut all the shapes out of MDF. My husband/handy man put the back shapes together and I painted everything. It took way longer than expected! I thought the white wouldn't interfere with the colors of the jewelry...Although, I wanted to tie in color in some way that wasn't overpowering, therefore giving the sides of the shapes a little life! After painting display I had to figure out the arrangement of everything and make brass T'shapes and rods for the work to hang from the back. In the end, I think it was worth it! On top of finishing the work itself and display, I had to make new linesheets (and bartend 4 days a week)...It was a crazy crazy sleep deprived January and February!

I met a lot of great people and saw a lot of inspiring work- Now it's time to follow up with some connections and see what the future holds! So glad I have my first tradeshow in the bag...now until the next one ;)


Renegade Pop-Up Brooklyn

Thanks to all my shoppers who braved the crappy weather and came to check out the fair this past Saturday in Brooklyn!