scenes from capsule NYC! Pier 94

There's so much that goes into getting ready for a tradeshow that you wouldn't even think about! I made a whole new display for a fresher and cleaner look. I designed what I wanted and had a friend laser cut all the shapes out of MDF. My husband/handy man put the back shapes together and I painted everything. It took way longer than expected! I thought the white wouldn't interfere with the colors of the jewelry...Although, I wanted to tie in color in some way that wasn't overpowering, therefore giving the sides of the shapes a little life! After painting display I had to figure out the arrangement of everything and make brass T'shapes and rods for the work to hang from the back. In the end, I think it was worth it! On top of finishing the work itself and display, I had to make new linesheets (and bartend 4 days a week)...It was a crazy crazy sleep deprived January and February!

I met a lot of great people and saw a lot of inspiring work- Now it's time to follow up with some connections and see what the future holds! So glad I have my first tradeshow in the until the next one ;)